Margaret Marks

Designated NLG: January 2014Margaret Marks

Contact Details:

Current Governance Roles:

School: St John Plessington Catholic College, Wirral (chair)
Status: Secondary Academy (Multi-Academy Trust)
Governor since: 1993
Ofsted: May 2013 (outstanding)

Deployment Experience

(1) Maintained, RC secondary, 11 to 16.

I have supported the Chair, in co-operation with the LA, since February 2014, during which time the school has moved from an Ofsted 4 to 2, in January of this year, 2015.  Two more visits have been agreed as the school has aspirations to achieve a grading of  outstanding at its next inspection.

(2) Maintained RC primary school

Shrewsbury Diocese recommended support for the newly appointed chair, in October 2014, when it was discovered that governance arrangements were in need of scrutiny and the very willing and capable, though inexperienced new chair required support. The headteacher and previous chair had resigned.  The deployment is going well and much has been achieved through the diligence and application of the Chair.  A new head has been appointed but the chair has requested on-going support

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Director of Teaching School
  • Director and Vice Chair of Multi Academy Trust
  • Member of Executive Committee, Wirral Governors’ Forum
  • Member of Diocesan Head Teachers and Chairs’ Group
  • Member of the Diocesan Chairs’ Forum

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication, written and oral
  • Interpersonal skills employment, mentoring and coaching
  • Governing in a Multi- Academy Trust and Teaching School
  • Scrutiny of Policies, statutory duties and Ofsted preparation
  • Organisation and delegation

Other relevant information

For the past 15 months I have chaired the Statement of Action Committee at the University Church of England Academy, on behalf of UCAT. The recent Section 5 report recorded the statement ‘Outstanding’ for governance with the caveat ‘close to’.  The latter came about as the result of an error beyond the control of the committee. I have chaired Pupil Disciplinary Committee hearings and two Independent Appeal Boards, one successful and the other awaiting the outcome, as well as serving on appointment committees

Available to Conduct Reviews of Governance?


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